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Roll Offs


When you take on a home repair, remodel, roofing project or cleanout, it can generate a lot more waste than usual. To help manage the mess, EMADCO offers open top Roll Off Containers for rent. They can be used for all levels of nonhazardous waste collections as well as recycling collection.


We can help you find the right Roll Off container size to help your rental needs.


Delivery & Pull Fee - $549.12

Tipping Fee - $67.51 per ton

PREPAY - $750.00 per ROLL-OFF

Other potential expenses
Rental Fee - $10.26 per day after 7 days
Relocation Fee - $154.07 (if you need to have roll-off moved.)
Damage Fee - $104.40 per hour plus materials

Wash Out Fee - $325.08

Demurge Fee - $330.16

Cancellation Fee - $17.80 (if you cancel after account is setup.)

No person shall place or leave standing a container on any public or private property within the County except a container provided by authorized County franchisees. Please contact EMADCO or Madera County if you have any further questions.

Find out more, click here to download a pdf copy of our contract. 

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