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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What time should garbage and recycling containers be out for service?

All containers need to be out by 7:00 am.


Where should I place my carts for service?

Residents should place their carts 3 feet apart from one another as close to the street as possible. Place the carts facing the street.


Can I have trash or recyclables sticking out of the top of my cart?

No, the lids of either cart are required to be completely closed. Customers will be tagged and charged additional fees for infractions.


Can I get an Extra trash or recycling cart?

Yes! For information on additional pricing, and to change the quantity of your containers please contact our office.


Does the trash in my cart have to be bagged?

For sanitation reasons we would prefer only your trash to be bagged.


Click image to download a pdf of this document.

Will you pick up trash or recycling left next to the cart?

Yes, additional garbage or recycling collected will result in a minimum charge of $6.00 per container.


Can I put my trash collection on vacation hold?

No, we are unable to provide that service.


Do you pick up oversized items?

EMADCO will accept certain bulky items dropped off at our business office for a small fee. Please call our office for a list of items we accept and for pricing details.


Can I use my own trash container?

No, EMADCO uses an automated trash system that does not allow our trucks to pick up any type of container besides the ones we provide with our service.


How do I report a missed pick up?

Contact our office at (559) 683-4680.


How do I report a lost or damaged cart?

Contact our office at (559) 683-4680.


May I take the carts with me when I move, or use them at another property which I own?

No, carts remain the property of EMADCO and may not be moved from the assigned property. Each cart has an identification number on it that is registered to a specific address.


Will you pick up household hazardous waste?

No, however customers are able to drop off all household hazardous waste items for free at the Fairmead Landfill. For more information call (559) 665-7300.


How do I dispose of medical needles?

EMADCO has a 24hr Sharps drop off box at our office.


Can I put paint in my trash cart?

No, paint can be taken to local facilities offering paint recycling. For more information please contact True Value (559) 683-7117 or American Floors (559) 683-5667.


Who do I call to report an illegal dumping?

Please make contact with the Madera County Sheriff’s Department.


No person shall place or leave standing a container on any public or private property within the County except a container provided by authorized County franchisees. Please contact EMADCO or Madera County if you have any further questions.

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