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Eco World

Help do your part at keeping your community green!

Oakhurst is welcoming Eco World to their community. Eco World is a local company that works hard at keeping all clothing and shoes out of landfills. Eco World then works with local churches, nonprofits, charities, and thrifts to provide with product as well as being an outlet for products that can not be used.

Download flyer with this information

116kb PDF

Click image to download a pdf of this document.

Why Donate, clothing and shoes?

Did you know clothing and shoes are the top contaminated items in our landfills? Instead of throwing unwanted items in the trash. Eco World can use them to help local charities, churches, and thrifts by providing needed items. Once these organizations have reached capacity Eco World can also take unused items off their hands. Eco World then uses unneeded items to ship to countries that do not have access to manufactures. Even items that are too worn out can be recycled and turned into carpet padding and insulation.

What does Eco World Accept?

Eco World donation bins accept all clothing, shoes, backpacks, purses, and belts, regardless of condition as long as they are not wet or moldy. Everything is used and nothing is put in our landfills.

Where can I find Eco World Donation Bins?

Eco World currently has a donation bin at 
40287 Oak Park Way, Oakhurst CA. 
We are currently growing in the mountain community so keep an eye out for the green donation bins.

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