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Frequently Asked Questions

Recycling Questions

How do I know what can be placed in my recycling cart?

Residents may obtain a list of recyclable and non-recyclables by visiting the recycling portion of our web site.

Can I opt out of recycling?

Residential curbside recycling is included for all residential customers whether the service is used or not.


Do you recycle motor oil or oil filters?

There are several certified used oil recycling center’s near you. For the locations and details

go to the hazardous waste disposal section of our web site. Most of these locations accept your oil for free.


Do you recycle glass?

Yes, please place your glass in your recycling cart. We are unable to accept any broken glass.


Do you take dry cell batteries for recycling? 

Yes, we are now able to accept all used rechargeable and non-rechargeable dry cell batteries. This service is free and available to all EMADCO customers. Drop-off is located in our office during normal business hours. 

Do you recycle electronics?

Most electronics can be recycled at Sierra E-Waste Recycling at no charge. For more information (559) 760-6764



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