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Whether you are remodeling your house, moving or doing some spring cleaning Emadco has the right bin for you.


From family homes to industrial facilities Emadco offers rent-a-bins with prompt delivery and pick up to help keep you on schedule. A generous rental period is included with every rent-a-bin, so you can complete your project without hurried stress and the hassle of making several trips to the landfill.


Size 3 cubic yard - dimensions 72" / 42" / 50" tall


Overloaded & overweight bins will be charged an additional fee. In addition, please observe the following: no concrete, rock, dirt, paint, oil, batteries, solvents, tires, e-waste & any other household hazardous waste products


An Emadco staff member will be happy to provide you information about the correct disposal of all your items. There are many recycling opportunities available, ask one of our staff members what option will best serve your recycling needs don't use a tractor or backhoe to load the bin it can cause major damage to the bin. Customer will be charged for all related damage costs. All cancelled orders will be charged a $5 fee.

Click image to download a pdf of this document.

Maximum weight- 1000 pounds

tile- load bin only 1/3 full

asphalt shingles- load bin only 1/2 full

drywall - load bin only 2/3 full

No person shall place or leave standing a container on any public or private property within the County except a container provided by authorized County franchisees. Please contact EMADCO or Madera County if you have any further questions.

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